Bring More Natural Light Into Your Home With One Change

sun shines through the tulle on the window.

Now more than ever, homeowners are seeking properties with more minimalistic design approaches, and more natural sunlight. However, if you already own your home or are renting, it’s likely that you don’t have big plans to knock down walls or install new windows just to have a brighter home. Big renovation projects can take months, and the costs can add up quickly. If you’re looking for a more simple way to bring more natural light into your home instead of supplementing with more LED, mirrors may be the answer.

Reflect the Sunshine

When you can’t add more natural light, the best way to brighten your home without the use of lamps is to reflect the light that is already entering. If you have a room with dark corners, placing a mirror in that space can instantly change it from drab to light and airy by reflecting the brighter spots in other parts of the room.

The Illusion of More Space

You’ve heard it before in nearly every design magazine and blog – mirrors can help a room seem more open by creating the illusion of more space. While this won’t actually expand your square footage, it can be a great option if you’re feeling crowded in your own home or a rental property.

The Decor Advantage

Not only do mirrors assist with letting natural light into a room and give the illusion of more space, they can also become the perfect decor piece for an empty wall. Different shapes, sizes and frames can create a gallery wall, or one large mirror can become the center of attention and even the perfect selfie spot.

When it comes to mirrors, don’t settle for what you’ll find in big box stores. The True View Windows & Glass team can design custom mirrors in any shape you can imagine. If you need mirrored glass cut or repaired, or a custom mirror for your home or business, including installation, let us give you a free, no-obligation, no-pressure estimate.


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