6 Ways to Use Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall – BUT, what size? What style? What room? Here are 6 ways to put a mirror to work in your room!

1. Check out the reflection.

If you’re hanging a mirror so you can check your appearance, you want it to reflect you and don’t have to be so choosy. However, if you’re hanging a mirror as a decorative feature in a room, check out what it reflects. You want it to reflect something pretty – something fun. The easy cheat? Put a tall vase with some flowers in from of the mirror for a beautiful reflection.

2. Bring in the light

If your kitchen is dark and a bit dreary, think about a mirrored surface. That’s right a mirror in the kitchen. Put it behind and open shelf or mirror the front of a cabinet. A mirrored backsplash means cleaning off the water spots, but it may be well worth it. If you can reflect light from a small window into your kitchen to make it more cheery, what fun!

3. Small space?

It’s OK to put up a large mirror! But, it may be tricky. Don’t rule it out. You can go to a glass, window and mirror store and they’ll be able to help you design the right shape and size for your room. Just tell them your good ideas.

4. Mirrors in the bedroom?

Decorators don’t love ‘em – especially if they reflect the bed. Feng Shui says it’s like inviting a 3rd person into your intimate life. Still, you’re going to want one to help you look your best. A large stand-up mirror in a corner is a great option. A beautiful frame that turns the mirror into a work of art is another.

5. Great big mirrors

Are a wonderful decorating tool. They can reflect a wide space – how much bigger would your dining room look with a huge mirror. Wall-to-wall mirrors aren’t dated if you use them correctly – frame it, put scones on either side, place it above the chair rail!

6. The bathroom mirror

If you have home that has a piece of mirror hung above the vanity, you can do better. Frame it. Replace it with a mirror with a beveled edge. Consider an unusual shape. You don’t have to buy a mirror at a store – you can have one made just for you and it will cost less than you think!

Mirrors expand space and reflect light – it doesn’t get much better than that, but the rest is up to you. Use your imagination! Take your ideas to a window, glass and mirror store. They can make them happen and they’ll share your good ideas with you. Reflect on making a difference in your home with mirrors!



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