6 Steps to a Really Great View

You’ve frowned at the streaks.  Wondered if any bird would ever mistake your window for being open?  You’ve fretted over the dog’s nose prints and the kids’ handprints.  How can you clean windows like a pro.  Here are 6 steps to sparkling windows.

Want to have windows that are the envy of the neighborhood? Want a view that is absolutely sparkling. Here’s how window pros recommend you get the job done right.

1. Be safe.

Don’t stand on furniture or balance on a ladder that’s really too short. Don’t leave high windows open and unattended – especially around children – it could lead to a serious fall. Use proper equipment – step stools, ladders or scaffolding as required.

2. Make it hot.

Fill two buckets with hot water – really hot. As hot as your gloved (yes, that’s right gloved!) hands can stand. To the first bucket add one cup each of ammonia and vinegar. That’s your washing bucket. To the second bucket add two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol. It will help the water evaporate faster so you have a streak-free, twinkling window!

3. Top down.

That’s how you wash a window so you don’t end up with drips. Start on the top floor and at the top of the window.

4. Get sudsy.

Wipe the entire window with the ammonia and vinegar solution. If you have stubborn bugs, stuck-on stickers or other hard-to-remove marks, use a synthetic scraping tool. Don’t use a metal blade – they can scratch or damage the windows.

5. Get out a squeegee.

Rinse the windows with the water from bucket number two! Use a squeegee. Press downward firmly and dry the squeegee after each stroke. This will help keep wet lines from developing at the squeegee’s edge and will limit drips. If you use horizontal swipes on the inside and vertical swipes on the outside (or vice versa), you’ll be able to tell which side needs a touchup.

6. Corners and the sill.

Don’t forget the corners and the sill – they need to be part of the sparkle. If lint is collecting in a corner, here’s a hint. Wipe with a coffee filter – they’re lint free and great for touchups.

If you have lots of windows, change water often – that will help you keep streak free. And, if your windows are just too old and too leaky to sparkle or do their job of insulating your home, call your True View Windows and Doors & get a new shine on!



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