5 Ways to Use Decorative Glass in Your Home

The glass in your home doesn’t have to be just plain Jane – you can have beautiful decorative glass throughout your home. Here are 5 ways to use decorative glass.

1. Doors and Sidelights.

You want light. You want privacy. And, you want to welcome guests into your home. Do it with a design – or, even, stained glass. Patterned glass comes in every style from Craftsman patterns to beautiful vines that resemble a wrought iron pattern – perfect for a Territorial or Santa Fe styled home. Stained glass can be for everyone, too. You can get the Tiffany style stained glass or a modern design. Think of how beautiful the glow of light through stained glass is.

2. Privacy.

You may love the modern look of clear glass showers – or not! You may get tired of pulling the blinds shut and would like some light without letting people look into your home. Privacy glass can obscure the view in – or out. By picking a beautiful pattern you can have it all – light and privacy – whether it’s in your shower or in a window.

3. Half and Half.

You want a bit of the view and a bit of privacy. Nothing can stop you from using decorative or privacy glass in the upper or lower half of a window. Work with your glass company to find a perfect mix that brings extra style into your home and blocks out something you don’t want to see or something you don’t want those on the outside to see.

4. Cabinets.

Whew! You love the look of kitchen cabinets with glass inserts, but the idea of keeping your cabinets – that neat is a bit overwhelming. After all, the kids empty the dishwasher. Glass that obscures but lets the shape of the items inside “ghost” through may give you the perfect answer for cabinets that look beautifully modern without showing off everything in that cabinet.

5. Focal Point.

You may not have thought of this one, but patterned glass can enhance your view. A perfectly place pattern can draw the eye to that beautiful tree or a vined pattern can outline the saguaro cactus you love. Bring some pictures of the favorite view from your windows to your glass company and see if there’s a pattern that would make it even better.

Your glass replacement company is more than just a place to buy new energy efficient windows. Think of it as a design center that will help you find beautiful ways to use decorative and privacy glass in your home. You’ll find amazing ideas that will shine on your style!



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