5 Things Your Windows May Be Saying to You

Are you listening? There are things that your windows might be trying to tell you. Here are 5 of them – and what you can do to stop the chatter.

1. I’ve Got Condensation In My Corner.

Or, along the bottom of the glass. Your window may be saying that your house is not properly ventilated. It’s a moisture issue – not a window issue. And, believe it or not, it is likely to happen in new homes with tighter construction. When there is moisture at the bottom of the window or in the corners, the humidity in your home is too high. Open a window for about 15 minutes or run the dehumidifier. You don’t want to develop mold or have wooden frames rotting because of the moisture.

2. There’s Condensation In Between By Panes or In The Center.

When you see condensation in the middle of the glass and on the inside, it may be a sign that if you have gas-filled windows, the gas is escaping. That means you’re losing insulation. You may even notice a “rainbow” in the windows. Condensation between the panes of glass may mean a seal has broken and outside air with its moisture in getting between the panes. Call the company that installed your windows or check your warranty. There’s really no fix, but replacement may be covered by the warranty.

3. I Really Make You Work To Open Me.

If your windows are hard to open, it may be a very simple fix. Clean the track. Debris has probably built up. You can use a bit of dry lubricant (don’t use an oil as more dust and more dirt will stick to that oily surface) to make operation even easier, but a good cleaning is probably all that’s needed. On double-hung windows, there may be springs under tension that need replacing.

4. I’ve Sprung A Leak.

Start with the obvious. If it’s been raining or water from your sprinkler system hits the window, is the window securely shut. Locking the window will make the seal tighter. If you’ve had hard rain and wind, check the track. Water may have been blown into it and you’ll have to take a towel and dry it. If the problem happens repeatedly and without an identifiable source, make sure that there isn’t water dripping down the wall from some other source.

5. I Feel a Breeze.

If your windows are drafty, it’s time to check the weather stripping. If it’s seems to be loose or missing a chuck here and there, it’s going to let that cold (or hot) breeze in. Worst case? The weather stripping may need replacing.

If you know your windows are old – if you know the seals are broken or if you still have single pane windows, it’s time to think about replacing. There are lots of advantages to today’s new, energy-efficient windows. The first is that if your windows aren’t doing their job, your energy bills will reflect it. New windows? Lower bills! Next you’ll improve both the curb appeal of your home and its value. Your new windows won’t be talking to you, but they will be keeping the outside noise where it belongs – outside! Just be sure you work with a licensed window replacement company – locally owned companies will understand your needs best – so you get the windows you want and need.

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