5 Stylish Ways To Use Glass In Your Home

Glass stairway railing

With the increased appeal and popularity of minimalist, modern homes, glass has become one of the most important features in a build or remodel. Not only does it aid in letting natural light shine in for a happier and healthier lifestyle, it can also transform any bathroom into a personal spa. However, more and more, glass is being used in other areas of the home to make small rooms feel larger and increase brightness throughout the home – not just near the windows. Here are a few examples you may want to consider for your home:

  1. Partitions and Walls. Want to separate two rooms in your home, or close off a noisy space without decreasing sunlight and making it seem smaller? A glass partition or wall is the perfect material to keep your home open and airy while also creating more living spaces, or even a home office. Glass can also make a great railing for decks, walkways and outdoor staircases.
  2. Furniture. Glass tabletops and coffee tables have always been popular furniture choices – and they aren’t going away any time soon! You can also protect and show off valuable antiques with a custom cut glass top.
  3. Backsplashes. Backsplashes have always been a great opportunity to incorporate personal style into kitchen design, but did you know that glass is an option? Create a more modern, sleek look while having an easy-to-clean surface available to catch splashes and splatters during meal prep.
  4. Stairs and Railings. Before you choose the same wooden or carpeted stairs you see in every home, consider your other options. For the modern home or apartment, glass stairs or railings should be at the top of the list to help bring the look together.
  5. Design Features. Of course, glass itself can become a design feature when you can’t find the right wall art, or you want something different from all of your friends and neighbors. Textured glass can help provide privacy while still letting light through, or a panel of tinted glass can change the entire aura of a room.

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