5 Reasons to Replace Your Shower Curtain with a Glass Door

Tired of the tired look of your bathroom? Here’s a 5 good reasons to think – glass. A glass shower door is going to give your bathroom a whole new look!

1. No PVC’s.

PVC, polyvinyl chloride, is a chemical know to be harmful to human health. Unfortunately, it is still found in many shower curtains and curtain liners. Manufacturers are phasing it out, but if you decide to just replace that old shower curtain, read the label and avoid PVC. Go glass and you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals!

2. Let It Shine.

Face it, bathrooms aren’t the biggest room in the house. And, in older homes they may be downright tiny. A glass shower door – especially a frameless one – opens up the space. They let light in so that you don’t have a dark shower enclosure adding to the small feeling of the room. Instead, using glass opens up the space, shows off your pretty tile work and makes the room lighter, brighter and prettier.

3. Show Your Style.

Shower doors give you a chance to show your style. You can use clear glass for an open, airy space or you can use a framed door. Frames come in chrome, bronze, nickel and gold finishes. Glass for shower doors can be clear or patterned for privacy. You’ll be amazed at the many, many choices you have.

4. No Mold And Mildew.

This is especially true of frameless glass enclosures and doors, but even a framed shower door is easier to clean – easier to keep mold and mildew free. This is healthier for you and your family. Also, if you choose a shower door, you’re going to find that you have a tight seal that keeps water where you want it – in the shower, not on the floor.

5. Frameless Is An Option.

It’s the look you see in model homes – that clear glass shower or tub enclosure. It’s a choice when you ditch the shower curtain. You can go completely frameless or semi-frameless and create that light, airy, sunny look. Plus, since frameless is customized, you can choose any shape that works to beautify your bathroom.

If you love the idea of creating a new look in your bathroom, talk to your glass replacement and repair company. They can show you all the options and work with you to create a new look in your bathroom. Throw away that dirty shower curtain and give a licensed glass replacement company, preferably True View Windows & Glass, a call. You’ll love the ideas they have for your bathroom!



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