5 Questions to Ask About Window Installation

How a window is installed is a big factor in determining how it will perform. You want energy efficiency so you want expert replacement window installation. Here are 5 questions you should ask about installation when you are purchasing replacement windows for your home.

1. Are The Installers Employees Of The Window Company Or Are They Contracted Labor?

Installers who work for the company where you purchased your new windows are your best bet. Installers who are contracted and who are paid by the job may be more hurried to get to the next job and make more money. Installers who work for a company know they represent their company. They are less likely to feel pressured to hurry through the job and more likely to pay attention to good customer service.

2. Are The Installers Covered By Insurance?

This not only protects the workers; it protects you. The installers should be covered by workman’s comprehensive insurance that protects both their wages and medical benefits. You also want to be sure that the company carries insurance that would cover any inadvertent damage to your home.

3. Have They Worked On Similar Construction To Your Home’s?

Window installation should be performed without damage to your home, but you should know whether any damage that could happen will be repaired. Ask if the installers are comfortable with your type of construction whether you’re replacing windows in a home with a stucco exterior or renovating a historic home.

4. Are The Installers Experienced?

It’s a fair question. Ask about the experience of the installers who will be working in your home. Installing windows correctly is a skill that requires both expertise and experience. Make sure the company will send installers to your home who meet those requirements.

5. Is There A Warranty On Installation?

You probably asked about the warranty that came with your new windows, but did you ask about the warranty on installation? You want to make sure that both the windows and the installation are covered.

When you buy windows, make sure that you work with a licensed, bonded and insured window replacement company. And, be certain that their installation will be performed by experienced installers. Your new windows will offer you energy-efficiency and make your home more comfortable – but only if they are installed correctly so make sure you know as much about the installation as you do about the windows you purchased.



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