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5 Problems You Might Encounter Trying to Install New Windows

By December 14, 2017 July 26th, 2019 No Comments

5 Problems You Might Encounter Trying to Install New Windows

You think you’re handy – so why not save some money and install those new energy efficient windows yourself? Here are 5 reasons that show you may not want to go it alone.

1. Do They Fit?

Sure, you can order windows yourself. You’ll probably pay retail to do it, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If the windows you ordered don’t fit, it’s on you. Measuring windows isn’t all that easy. It not just measuring the length and width. You have to take into account trim, mechanics and stop strips. If it’s all not right, the windows won’t fit. Older homes may not have standard sized windows. You can have a window custom made to size, but if your measurements aren’t correct, again, it’s on you. You can end up paying for windows that simply don’t work.

2. What about Structural Integrity?

Load-bearing walls are outside walls. They are constructed to maintain structural integrity and that includes the way your windows are positioned and installed. A professional will know if you can modify a window or resize it without harming the integrity of the home. They will also assure that no structural integrity is lost during installation. That’s important.

3. Do You Know the Codes?

Some windows must open to provide a way to escape – this usually includes bedrooms and kitchens. Tempered or safety glass may be required in some locations in your home. Ordinances may even mean that you can’t put a window in a wall that isn’t a certain distance from your property line. The pros know – you could make an expensive mistake.

4. What will You Find?

When you start to remove your old windows, you could get an unpleasant surprise. You may find mold – and that mold needs to be completely destroyed. If any is left, mold and mildew can harm your new wood. Speaking of wood, if you find rotted wood or wood that has been damaged by pests like termites, this can compromise the integrity of the window. Professional installers have seen it all – and, best of all, they know how to handle these problems so they won’t be a problem in the future.

You want to buy your new windows from a licensed window replacement company and you want to have them installed by a professional crew who works for that company. When the crew is employed by the company, they are going to be much more likely to concentrate on customer service and to put the extra effort in to make sure that everything is done correctly. After all, it’s their own company that’s warranting the windows and the installation. You want installers who care and will give you the energy-efficient, tight installation that makes those windows your best buy!