5 Installation Considerations for Your New Windows

Before you buy and before they are installed, here are 5 things you should know about the installation of your new energy efficient windows. Taking care of these details will help you get the expert installation you want.

1. What is the Warranty on Installation?

You’ve probably compared the warranties on the windows themselves, but did you ask about the warranty on installation? The installation of your windows completes their energy saving qualities. You want it to be tight and right – and warrantied. Know if the installation warranty will last as long as the warranty on the windows themselves.

2. Who is going to do the Job?

You best bet is an installation crew that works for the company where you purchased your new windows. A crew of independent contractors who are paid by the job are more likely to hurry and less likely to give you great customer service. A crew that works for the window replacement company values you as a customer and will treat you that way.

3. Get Ready Inside.

While window replacement is mostly done from the outside of the home, the installers will work inside, too. Be ready for them. If you have breakable valuables, put them in a safe place. Clear the space around the windows to give the crew access. Make it as easy as possible for the installation crew.

4. Get Ready Outside.

Once again, the installers need to be able to work. If there are movable objects in front of the windows on the outside such as potted plants or porch furniture, get them out of the way. Help them find an area for any equipment. Make sure all gates are unlocked and that all paths are clear.

5. Show them you Care!

You want the installers to care about you so show them you care about them. Offer them water or a cold drink – or a cup of coffee. They may decline, but being hospitable and making the installers feel welcome is simply a nice thing to do.

The installation of your new energy efficient windows is important. Make sure that you know the details of who will install and how the installation is warranted. Working with a licensed window replacement company is the most important step in finding both the windows and the expert installation you want. Check out the credentials of the company before you sign on the dotted line.



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