5 Holiday Window Decorating Ideas

You put up the tree. You start baking the cookies. You want your home to look Holiday bright. Here are 5 ideas to put that sparkle in your windows.

1. Use The Curtain Rod!

If you have drapes that are always open or tied back, the rod is waiting for you! Think about hanging a row of wreaths across it. Pick a size that’s right for the window – smaller wreaths for small windows and medium-sized wreaths for a larger window. Now, use your imagination and match the rest of your Holiday décor. You can go with traditional greenery or you can use bright red berries. It’s going to be beautiful.

2. Leftover Ornaments?

If your tree has all the ornaments it can hold, move to the window. Pick a theme or a color and hang ornaments at various lengths. You can bedazzle even more if you hang the ornaments on strings of beads. Or, you can use a Santa theme with ornaments hanging from red ribbon to give you children sugar plum dreams.

3. Make It A Family Affair.

Get the whole family involved in the holiday spirit. Gather all the generations around the table, set out the craft supplies and set them to work. You’ll end up with a beautiful window. Have them cut snowflakes from glittery paper or use brightly colored construction paper to make oversized ornaments to hang in every window of the house.

4. Branch Out.

Bring a natural look to your Holiday decorations. Find a beautiful branch and secure it to your window. You can go horizontal with a single round branch across a double-hung window or let your winter tree “grow” out of a corner. Now, get busy. Add some pinecones or pretty, feathered faux birds – a little Christmas greenery works, too. You’ll have a window that looks like Mother Nature came indoors.

5. Start With An Evergreen Swag.

Hang it over the top of the window and use it to hang pine cones across the window. Use pinecones of various sizes and with interesting shapes. Hang your pinecones at different lengths and style them to fit your décor. You can add bling by painting the pinecones in glittery metallic shades or you can add a jeweled accent – like a beautiful, large “gem” – hanging from their tip. Want a wintery vibe? Decorate those pinecones with artificial snow.

If all these ideas sound beautiful, but you’re just going to pile on the spray snow in hopes that you’ll hide the wear and tear on your windows and their frames or that the snow will add a little insulation to the windows, it’s time to give your home a gift. Replacement windows can pay for themselves by adding value to your home and reducing your energy bills. They are the gift that keeps on giving with a more comfortable home and cleaner air. If you live in a hot weather state, it’s a great time to buy. Just make sure that you deal with a licensed replacement window company and you’ll start the New Year with beautiful new windows that are protecting your family and your possessions.



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