5 Do’s and Don’ts for Holiday Window Decor

You want them to be decorated. You want them to be special.But, when the Holidays are over, you want them to be undamaged. Here’s what to avoid and what you can do – 5 tips that will let you celebrate the season and keep your windows in great shape.

1. DON’T Use Nails or Screws in Your Vinyl Frames.

It’s tempting. Just one little nail and the lights outlining your window will be securely in place. Put down that hammer! Putting a nail or screw in your vinyl frame is very likely to invalidate your warranty. Glue, tape and staples are out, too.

2. DO Use Window Clings.

They don’t require adhesive, tape or glue that could be difficult to remove without scratching the windows. Best of all, did you know that clings can be a do-it-yourself project for you and the kids? Simply, draw Holiday shapes on wax paper and fill them in with puffy paints. Dry them overnight, peel them off and windows, here they come!

3. DON’T Use The Spray-On Fake Snow.

We know that it hasn’t snowed where you live in years – and you want to remember the way snow used to pile in the window’s corners. You can create that look with a can of aerosol snow. Bad idea. The snow can leave a residue that is hard to remove and trying to get rid of the last of it could lead to scratching your windows. If that residue is on the sash, track or hardware, it can also interfere with their smooth operation. So, put down the can.

4. DO – Use Your Curtain Rods.

It’s easy and beautiful. There’s so much you can do with your curtain rods. Hang silvery “snowflakes” on invisible thread and you can create you own snowfall. Take the ornaments that just won’t fit on the tree and hang them from pretty ribbon. Wreaths, sized for your window, can hang in a stunning row of green – with big red bows, of course. A simple idea is to take strings of red or green beads and loop them back and forth across the window rods with different sized loop. Now, light up your new window décor with some battery-operated candles so your décor glitters and gleams. Don’t use real ones that could damage the sash or, worse, start a fire.

5. DON’T Let Your Decorations Get In The Way Of A Safe Escape.

Your windows – especially in the kitchen and bedrooms – provide a second exit in case of an emergency. Make sure that your family can escape harm without delay. Never let your decorations get in the way of that speedy exit. Beware of garland ropes, artificial pine branches or any decoration that might keep the windows from opening quickly.

If this advice is too little, too late and you have already scratched your windows trying to remove a Christmas sticker or the sap from a real pine branch in the past, there’s help. Your full-service window replacement and maintenance company can repair most scratches, fix sticky windows so they open smoothly and give you 24-hour service if somehow your decorating attempts have broken a window. If you don’t care about aerosol snow or stickers or any other decoration because your windows are already in bad shape, they can also show you all your options in new energy-efficient, dual pane windows! Now, that’s a great start to a Happy New Year.



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