4 Types of Blinds and How to Use Them

What kind of blinds should you buy? Here are four different types of blinds and how to use them. Plus, the one decorating hint that will make your blinds a workhorse and a decorative hit!

1. Mini Blinds.

We love them because they’re inexpensive and they come in a wide range of colors to match any décor. You can find them made from vinyl and aluminum. Check out the thickness of your blinds as that will help solve any light issues (like keeping your room dark when the sun comes up). Simple to operate with a twist of a wand, mini blinds are a low cost answer to providing privacy and controlling how much light enters a room.

2. Wood Blinds.

Take them out of the library or den and use them in any room in your home. Easy to operate, these blinds bring the look of real wood throughout your home. Because they are a natural, they will highlight almost any décor. Again, you have choices. From a light pine look to the richness of a stained ebony, you can match the look you want.

3. Faux Wood Blinds.

Less expensive that their wood cousins, faux wood blinds give you the look of wood along with easy maintenance. They don’t fade; they don’t warp and they don’t develop a rough finish. You can clean them with a swipe of a cloth. They look like they’re made from real wood but they cost less and are more durable. Now, that’s a great combination.

4. Panel Track Blinds.

Think the convenience of vertical blinds without the clicking and clacking or hang-ups. Panel track blinds are a great answer for large glass spaces – like a sliding glass door or a large picture window. You get the beauty of wider panels – they can be anything from basic vinyl to solar screens – or, even, woven wood. Best of all, you have a choice of fabrics to give special pop to your décor. They’re a newer – and better – option for large space blinds.

5. Don’t Forget The Drapes And Curtains.

You can have the light control and easy operation of blinds without giving up that decorator look. For any of the horizontal blinds you can add curtains or drapes to each side. Think about tying them back since you won’t need to close them to control light – that means you won’t have to buy as many panels or as wide a width. That can save you some money. The blinds will give you great light control. Frame them with beautiful drapes and you have a lovely window.

Blinds are great. They can let the light in or keep the room dark. Some, even have some insulating properties, but if your goal is to get rid of drafts and lower your energy bill, you probably need to replace those old single pane windows with new energy-efficient double or triple pane windows. Just make sure you work with a licensed window replacement company. Local is best since they’ll understand the type of house you live in and the local weather.



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