4 Reasons to Replace Your Windows Now

If you live in a warm winter weather climate and you’ve been meaning to get around to replacing those old, single-pane windows with new energy-efficient, Low-E windows, the time to do it might be right now. Here are 4 reasons why.

1. You’ll Get All The Attention You Want!

You’re not in a long line waiting for that salesman to come for the installation to start. At a slower time of the year, you can expect that you will get almost immediate satisfaction. The sales staff is less busy and that means they’ll be happy to work with you no matter how long it takes for you to decide on the style and frame. When your windows come in, installation should be scheduled quickly. No waiting…no stress!

2. Ask for a Great Price.

You may see more specials when window companies are competing during the busy seasons (right before winter or summer), but that doesn’t mean that you won’t get a better price right now. After all, the window replacement companies want your business at this time of the year. But, be smart. Look for real value – a fair price on a product that is a proven winner is better than a low, low price on a window that doesn’t measure up the energy efficient standards you want. Ask about warranties as you make your decision.

3. The Installers will Love You.

A pleasant temperature in the 70’s or, even, a brisk temperature in the 60’s absolutely beats installing windows after the temperature has climbed – and climbed – and climbed. The installation crew is going to thank you for choosing such a great time of the year – and they’re going to show it with an excellent installation.

4. Save Now and Save Bigger Later.

If you live in a warm winter state, you probably live in a state that is hot – very hot – in the summer. By choosing a winter installation, you’re going to see immediate savings in your heating bills. After all, there will be those frigid nights, even if they’re not an everyday kind of weather. Better, you’re set for the first heat wave. You’ll be saving for the moment you turn on that A/C. That first high summer utility bill won’t happen. You’ll start saving now and keep saving – year after year!

Don’t wait. If replacement windows are in your future – there’s no time like the present. You’re going to find off-season savings. Just be sure that you work with a licensed, bonded window replacement company that gives you great choices of window glass, window styles and window frames – and all the help you need to find the windows that are perfect for your home!

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