When to Choose Custom Glass

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Everyone knows that glass is incredibly versatile. It is used for everything from jars to hold our food, to the screens on our televisions. It’s so common in our own homes, we don’t even think about it anymore – except when it breaks!

Thankfully, broken glass is nothing to panic about in the long run. Because glass is so modifiable, it can be customized in a variety of ways – shape, texture, color, etc. Before you think about getting rid of an item because the glass broke or skipping on an antique because it’s missing a glass panel, you may want to look into custom glass. Here are some situations where custom glass is better:

  1. Replacing glass panels. Whether your back door is missing a panel from a bad baseball throw, or you’ve found the perfect antique cabinet, but the glass is old and scratched, replacing the glass is a much better option than replacing an entire item. By ordering custom glass, you can ensure that the end product will fit correctly and match the other panels.
  2. Projects. When using glass for a DIY project or artwork, you want something that will hold up over time – especially if you plan on moving or shipping your work elsewhere. Glass can come in different sizes, including thickness, and an expert can help you make the right choice.
  3. Photo frames. Finding the perfect frame for artwork or a photograph can often be just as expensive as the piece itself! If your frames are missing glass, don’t throw them out or donate them – custom glass can put them back in commission, reducing waste and extending the life on beautiful frames you already own.

The trusted professionals at True View know custom glass. Our glass experts can help you choose the right thickness and size for your furniture, project and more. Contact us today for your free estimate!


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